Edward Bennett

Operations Manager

Edward Bennett - Operations Manager

I manage financial and HR-related issues at HCWH Europe, and am also responsible for office management. 

As such, I work in close collaboration with the HCWH Europe team in developing robust project budget proposals in line with our mission and strategy, monitoring and assessing our financial position, and exploring solutions with the Fundraising and Development team to strengthen the organisation’s financial performance and sustainability.

Prior to joining HCWH Europe, I worked for around six years in several international companies in the finance sector. I hold a BA in Business Management with Finance at the University of Brighton (UK) and wrote my final year thesis on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a result, I have developed a strong interest in using my financial and management skills to support and promote activities focussed on key health and environmental issues on a global scale. I thoroughly enjoy working in a multicultural organisation with a dynamic team which shares the same values, vision, and belief in the potential of HCWH Europe to grow and develop.

Aside from my professional life, I enjoy climbing, trekking, cycling and badminton. Travelling is one of my passions because it allows me the opportunity to learn, share, and discover the cultural differences, helping me to better understand and appreciate the world we live in.



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