Ali Fakih

Sustainable Innovation Officer


My role at HCWH Europe is to establish an active network where healthcare procurers and health and social care providers can connect, gain, share expertise and information, and collaborate to achieve common sustainable innovation procurement goals.

Before joining HCWH, I spent five years in the Humanitarian sector in Lebanon. I worked in the emergency and development fields of shelter, education, and livelihoods. I created long-term plans to help the most vulnerable during and after emergencies. I led a project on sustainable livelihood to preserve or improve crisis-hit communities’ access to basic needs without depleting natural resources.

I have a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and have a background in film studies. History, politics, and philosophy-related movies particularly intrigue me. I am interested in the filming process (writing, filming, and editing) as well as design and content creation.

In my spare time, I like to cook - I enjoy cooking Lebanese food the most. I am also interested in cooking knives and vintage kitchenware. I have ambitions to live on a sustainable farm. I am gathering experience, knowledge, and tools for my retirement on self-sustainable land and hope to create a farm-to-table restaurant, shop, and guest-house - please come visit!


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