Daiana Hij

Network Development Officer - GGHH Networks

My role at HCWH Europe is to work with and support the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network. I have the privilege of supporting different institutions on their journey to becoming a member of this community as we transform healthcare together. Moreover, by acting as a liaison figure, I ensure that all members, new and existing, have the chance to learn from each other and exchange ideas and practices to inspire and grow the network. 

My educational background is in Public Health, with a Master’s degree from the Management Center Innsbruck. Prior to my role at HCWH Europe, I did a European Solidarity Service in Alzira, Spain, where I worked on environmental protection and nature preservation for one year. After this experience, I continued to work with the Municipality of Alzira on European projects, writing proposals for EU-funded actions such as the LIFE+ Programme as well as managing communication with stakeholders. In the few months before my position here, I did a Blue Book Traineeship in the Erasmus+ unit, working in areas related to diversity and inclusion and green transformation.

In my spare time, I am a very passionate cook - feeding people is my love language. I also consider myself an artsy person; I love doing arts and crafts while bingeing on reality TV or watching a good sitcom. This year, I started a tiny garden on my balcony and I am excited to watch my radishes, tomatoes and strawberries grow, and even more excited to get to taste them!

If you’re curious to know more about our organisation or my work please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Contact Daiana: dhij@hcwh.org



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