Andreas Ekvall

Senior Climate Officer

Andreas Ekvall

As a member of the climate team at HCWH Europe, serving as the Senior Climate Officer, I have the pleasure of collaborating with my colleagues on several climate mitigation projects. A significant part of my role involves working strategically on climate decarbonisation initiatives across Europe while supporting healthcare providers in their climate mitigation efforts.

With a background in working with hospitals in Sweden and a regional government on climate mitigation and sustainability, I am well-acquainted with the climate mitigation challenges in healthcare. In my previous position, I enjoyed combining strategic and on-site activities, focusing on environmental and climate mitigation efforts.

Before joining HCWH Europe and working with healthcare, I gained experience in several fields, including governmental organisations, consulting, and research. My work has involved carbon calculations, environmental management, and the development of decarbonisation targets in multiple sectors. Additionally, I have experience with these questions as a volunteer and during internships focused on environmental management in Sweden and the UN.

I hold degrees in Political Science, Master’s in Sustainable Development, International Humanitarian Action, and Environmental Science. In my spare time, I am passionate about continuous learning, and I enjoy sports, especially those that take place outdoors.


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