Safer Pharma

The healthcare sector needs to lead a change in the way we produce, use and dispose of medicines. That means concerted action to ensure drugs, including antibiotics, are only ever prescribed when truly needed.


Safer Pharma projects


Training health professionals to reduce the spread of and exposure to antimicrobial resistance.

CAREFOOD (2022-2023)

We empower healthcare professionals to end farming practices that spread antimicrobial resistance.

Featured Safer Pharma resources

Procuring for greener pharma

This report presents recommendations and supporting case studies on how to include sustainability criteria in medicine purchasing.

Press kit on antimicrobial resistance

This press kit provides journalists with essential information on antimicrobial resistance and its effects on human and environmental health.

How healthcare professionals can advocate the responsible use of antibiotics in food production

This toolkit includes guidelines on how to talk about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and how to advocate sustainable farming practices.

How healthcare professionals can be advocates for greener healthcare

This session provided an overview of communications resources for healthcare professionals to engage in advocacy.

Online press briefing | Antimicrobial resistance: A major global health threat

An online press briefing for journalists and all interested stakeholders to answer vital questions surrounding antimicrobial resistance.

Tackling AMR in Europe’s healthcare facilities

In this webinar we presented the results of HCWH Europe's survey to identify best practice to tackle AMR in healthcare facilities across Europe.

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