Camille Lassalle

AMR Projects Officer

As the Project Officer in the Safer Pharma team, my role involves contributing to the AMR EDUCare project, which aims to improve the skills of European healthcare professionals in addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Europe. This project will train 4,000 healthcare professionals on antibiotic prescription optimisation, antibiotic waste management, patient empowerment, behavioural change and digital skills improvement.

My journey started in nursing, where I learned the importance of health promotion and patient education. This experience sparked my interest in addressing health issues from a broader perspective. Pursuing a Master's in Health Education and Promotion at Maastricht University helped me understand better the interconnectedness of behaviour change, health policy, and systems. I completed my studies with a Master's in Global Health, focusing on health policy and management, which broadened my understanding further. My thesis on zoonotic disease perception introduced me to the concepts of One Health and planetary health and reinforced my commitment to addressing health challenges from a holistic standpoint.

In my career, I've strived to apply the insights gained from both clinical practice and academic study. My time as a researcher at Lyon University involved contributing to the development of a training programme aimed at empowering school staff and adolescents to safeguard against endocrine disruptors. Additionally, as a project officer for a community pharmacist association, I participated in a study aiming at identifying criteria to qualify essential pharmacies in France.

Having lived in various regions, including the North of France, where I am from, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the French Alps, I embraced new activities and experiences each time I moved to a different place. As for Belgium, I'm still uncertain about the adventures it holds, but I'm eager to find out.