Clara Schlösser

Policy Implementation Officer

Clara Schlösser - Safer Pharma Programme Assistant

As part of HCWH Europe's Circular Healthcare team, I work on medical device reprocessing and supporting the phasing out of PVC plastics in healthcare through initiatives such as the Born Green Generation project.

My role in the Circular Healthcare team involves working with hospitals to enable them to reprocess more of their medical devices and move to a more circular system. Additionally, I work at a policy level to raise awareness and strengthen advocacy for environmental regulation of PVC and other harmful plastic uses in healthcare. All with the aim of reducing the overall negative environmental and human health impacts of healthcare devices.

I have a background that spans both public health and political science, with a BSc in European Public Health from the University of Maastricht and a master’s degree in Politics and Social Policy from the University of Bologna. I combine my skills in these two fields to strive for a healthier planet and to improve the overall well-being of all people.

In my free time, I enjoy activities such as rock climbing, playing the guitar or having a picnic in the park in the occasional Brussels sunshine. Please do not hesitate to contact me in English, German, French or Italian.


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