Join the #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement

The healthcare sector is a major contributor to plastic waste, which harms the environment and human health. The #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement raises awareness, educates healthcare professionals, and promotes sustainable alternatives to transform current practices and support the healthcare sector’s transition to a circular economy model.

Join the fight against plastic pollution in the healthcare sector with the #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement.

Why #PlasticFreeHealthcare matters

From production to use and disposal, plastics can have harmful effects. They are often overused and rarely recycled in healthcare settings. Reducing plastic use in healthcare has numerous benefits for patients and healthcare facilities. By reducing plastic, healthcare facilities can improve patient safety and limit exposure to toxic chemicals and harmful microplastics. The sector can also save costs by reducing waste management expenses and promoting more sustainable practices. Additionally, reducing plastic use in healthcare supports public health, helping to create healthier communities and protecting the environment. Join the #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement today and make a positive impact on healthcare and the world!

Learn more about plastic-free healthcare on our project page.

We're empowering healthcare professionals with the tools and training they need to transition to a #PlasticFreeHealthcare system. Watch now:

Get involved

Join the #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement and make a difference in the healthcare sector:

  • Subscribe to our Circular Healthcare newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in plastic-free healthcare, best practices, new research, and upcoming events related to reducing plastic use in healthcare.
  • Become a member: Join the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network. - a worldwide movement of hospitals and health systems working to improve environmental sustainability and health outcomes. By joining GGHH, you can join the working group on plastics and access resources to help your hospital or health system become more sustainable. 
  • Educate yourself: Learn about plastic's environmental and health impacts in healthcare and check our best practice page on plastic reduction. To discover all of our resources, visit our project page.
  • Join our events on plastic-free healthcare (webinars, training, conferences) to learn more about the latest solutions and strategies to reduce plastic use in healthcare and connect with other professionals working on this issue.
  • Take action in your healthcare facility by conducting waste audits, implementing plastic reduction strategies, and raising awareness among staff and patients.

Join the #PlasticFreeHealthcare movement and help create a more sustainable healthcare sector and protect the health of both people and the planet.


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