Sustainable procurement criteria | Examination gloves

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Published: 21/01/2022

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These criteria have been developed by the Plastics Working group of HCWH Europe’s Healthcare Market Transformation Network. The document was inspired by and builds on the sustainable procurement criteria for disposable gloves developed by the Swedish National Agency for Public Procurement. The purpose of this document is to provide a set of standardised tender criteria addressing priority sustainability issues identified in relation to the use of examination gloves in the European healthcare sector.[1] Procurers are free to adapt these criteria as required, in line with their own local policies and sustainability goals. 

In addition to adopting a broad and balanced range of sustainability criteria in their tendering processes, we encourage healthcare procurers to employ the best price-quality ratio (BPQR) in product selection.[2] This enables a tender to be evaluated against award criteria that ensure that environmental and social considerations are incorporated into the contract. A price or cost criterion must also be included.

These criteria will be developed and improved over time, ensuring they keep pace with market developments and procurement best practice. We therefore welcome feedback and suggestions and will update this document periodically, taking into consideration feedback received, as well as any market or regulatory changes, and new product or material innovations. Please contact us at

[1] Required criteria should be considered as minimum sustainability requirements while award criteria are additional, optional criteria.

[2] BPQR criterion must be formulated to allow contracting authorities to effectively verify information provided by potential vendors and if tenders meet that criterion.