How to decarbonise the healthcare sector

Our Healthcare decarbonisation toolkit is now available in French and Dutch in addition to English, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. The toolkit facilitates the integration of climate action into healthcare planning and supports those working in healthcare facilities to develop a carbon management plan for their organisation. 

Front cover of the Healthcare decarbonisation toolkit

The toolkit is available exclusively for members of our Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) network via the GGHH Connect platform. Members can access the toolkit here: French [FR], Dutch [NL], English [EN], Greek [EL], Spanish [ES], Portuguese [PT] and Italian [IT]

Carbon management in hospitals 

As the healthcare sector becomes increasingly aware of its role in both contributing to and addressing climate change, hospitals are taking steps towards zero-carbon healthcare. 

This toolkit offers an introduction to the key concepts of carbon management, as well as a practical step-by-step guide to developing a carbon management plan to chart a course for decarbonisation that is in line with the Paris Agreement.

It also includes a set of resources and tools to support healthcare providers on this journey: a carbon management plan template, a brief guide to the roles and responsibilities of a carbon management team, and a tool to calculate the cost and carbon savings potential from implementing a carbon management plan.

Low-carbon healthcare in the Mediterranean

The toolkit was developed as a part of our project Low-carbon healthcare in the Mediterranean region. The project supported participating hospitals in establishing internal carbon management teams, measuring their emissions, setting targets, identifying carbon reduction opportunities, and creating carbon management plans. The project also facilitated networking between Global Green and Healthy Hospitals (GGHH) members in the region and encouraged an exchange of best practice. Alongside the toolkit, a series of case studies (Healthcare carbon management in the Mediterranean region) outlining participating hospitals’ experiences and the challenges they faced are also available.

Not a member yet? Now is a great time to join our network and access our Healthcare decarbonisation toolkit in seven languages, along with a suite of other resources available on GGHH Connect to support your efforts towards sustainable, climate-smart healthcare. 

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HCWH Europe gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Commission Communautaire Commune (COCOM) to translate the toolkit into French and Dutch. HCWH Europe is solely responsible for the content of this project and related materials. The views expressed do not reflect the official views of the COCOM.